New soundtrack album coming soon

The sixth CD on my discography is coming soon as a Original Short-Film Soundtrack Album. In this case the record label focused on Soundtracks for Films & TV Movies based in Malta Kronos Records will be responsible for launching the physical edition on CD which contains all the music composed for «Artifitial». This Sci-Fi Short-Film won 10 international awards and obtained more than 100 nominations arround the world. It was also screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Total running time of the disc is 20 minutes divided into 6 musical blocks and you could be obtain through the official Kronos webpage.

Very soon more information about this new soundtrack album.

65 San Sebastian International Film Festival

Next days 22-30 of September will take place the 65 San Sebastian International Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals in Spain and in the world. I was lucky to work as a composer of the original soundtrack for the Short-Film «Aprieta pero raramente ahoga» by the Spanish director David P. Sañudo and I will be there during this first public premiere. The Short-Film have been selected for promotion this year with the Kimuak stamp and will be screened in the Zimemira section.