The Producer (Press Note)

THE PRODUCER is the name of the fourteenth album by Spanish film composer and music producer Jorge Granda, who also plays all instruments into the album as a multi-instrumentalist. Originally released on march 30, 2024 as a CD & digital release from Granda Records, the album consists of 5 electronic new tracks with the original total running time of 31 minutes and 5 seconds which explores various genres and subgenres such as the synthwave, soft-rock, ambient and electronic music in general. As a self-production, the album was recorded and mixed by himself at Compuvision Studio, his own personal recording music studio and later mastered in London, at Metropolis Studios by John Davis (1960-2023). The album will be available at the end of march as a Digipack version, digital download from Bandcamp and also available in all popular streaming music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and Tidal.